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Is inkjet the best printing technology?
Yes, inkjet is the technology of the future, both for smaller and larger print runs. Depending on the specific machine, inkjet printers can handle many different types of paper. Also, inkjet can easily be used for printing packaging materials.
What are the options for packaging printing?
There are many possibilities in packaging. Special elements, like gold or silver foil, can easily be added. You start with ordering a sample copy. Then, after your approval, we can start production. With the current state of technology in printing and diecutting, we can easily produce single copies.
What are the options for printing envelopes?
There are many different options available in shapes and sizes, with or without a window. Also, envelopes can be printed with a different color inside. The standard color is grey, but any other color is possible. We also offer extra-strong and extra-large sampling-envelopes.
What are the options for printing labels?
Labels can be ordered both on sheets and on a roll. With a small print run digital printing is the cheapest option. With a larger print run conventional printing methods, such as offset or flexo, are still more cost efficient and offer the best results. Especially when ordering labels on a roll, it is best to use PMS-colors.
Is it possible to use white ink?
Yes, it is. This special printing technique is possible with offset or flexo printing. It is also possible to print white ink on transparent materials.
Are special treatments also possible with digital printing?
Yes, they are. Digital printing allows for special treatments such as laminating, or creasing and folding.
What is halftone printing?
Halftone printing converts a continuous tone (solid areas of black or color) photograph or image into a pattern of different size dots that simulate continuous tone. When examining the page closely, you will see a series of dots spaced slightly apart. At a normal viewing distance, however, the spacing between dots becomes essentially invisible to the eye and what you see is a continuous tone.
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